Material GRC is made from glassfiber and cement mortar.   GRG is made from natural gypsum powder and glassfiber and biosurfactant additive and water, it's an quality improved gypsum based on Alpha gypsum powder, higher strength and hardness better performance than alpha gypsum.
Used where GRC can be used both interior and exterior.   GRG can only be used for interior decorations such as GRG ceiling panels, GRG artistics, GRG Roman pillars, GRG walls, GRG domes, etc all are gypsum products inside building.
Applied where

Architectural products such as Decorative Screens, A.C. Covers, Cladding Panels, Column Capital, Bases, Domes, Castellations, Planters, Permanent Formwork and a wide range of custom-made applications.

GRC Samples

Architectural lightweight Cladding Panels, Weather resistant Cantilever Stadium Ceilings and Vaults, Logos, Emblems, Manhole Liners, Modular Buildings, Kiosks, Car Park Shades, Facias, Water Tanks, Sewage Holding Tanks, Fountains, Translucent Domes,
Corrugated Roofing, etc.

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This is a special grade gypsum used for long lasting interior applications such as Cornices, Mouldings, Flat Ceiling Column Capital, Arches, Domes, etc.


Advantage / disadvantage GRC can be broken and cracking when the temperature change a lot.   GRG finished products are no warping, no distortion, no cracking, good water resistance, the number of high turnover, long service life, has very low expansion rate ultra-high strength & hardness & whiteness, anti-crach, fire-resistant, can hardly be effected by temperature changement.
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