Section-11 Health and Safety


Part 1 Regulatory Document

  • Part-1.01 Qatar Legislation and Management (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.02 Occupational Health and Hygiene (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.03 Working at Heights (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.04 Safe Use of Plant Equipment (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.05 Other hazardous Activities (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.06 Human Factors (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.07 Fire and Flammable Substances (Regulatory Document)
  • Part-1.08 Miscellaneous (Regulatory Document)


Part 2 Safety and Accident Prevention Management / Administration System (SAMAS)

  • Part-2.1.01 Safety, Health and Environment Management System
  • Part-2.2.01 Safety Health and Environment Procedural Audit Checklists
  • Part-2.3.01 Safety Health and Environment Procedures
  • Part-2.3.02 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Part-2.3.03 Safe Working in the Vicinity of Buried and Overhead Services
  • Part-2.3.04 Electricity at Work
  • Part-2.3.05 Powered Work Equipment Procedures
  • Part-2.3.06 Safety, Health and Environmental Training
  • Part-2.3.07 Contractors Initial Safety, Health and EnvironmentalMeeting
  • Part-2.3.08 The Report and Investigation of Accidents and Incidents
  • Part-2.3.09 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Part-2.3.10 The Safe use of Cranes & Other Lifting Appliances
  • Part-2.3.11 Permit to Work Systems
  • Part-2.3.12 Control of Working at Heights
  • Part-2.3.13 Fire Prevention and Control on Site
  • Part-2.3.14 Asbestos
  • Part-2.3.15 Environmental Protection
  • Part-2.3.16 Learning Event Reporting


Part 2.4.01: Risk Assessment Guides and Method Statement