Section-01 General

Part-01 General

Part-02 Use and Maintenance of the Site

Part-03 Site Access and Entry onto the Site

Part-04 Protection

Part-05 Interference

Part-06 Project Meetings

Part-07 Submittals

Part-08 Building Demolition

Part-09 Materials

Part-10 Occupational Health and Safety

Part-11 Engineer’s Site Facilities

Part-12 Contractor’s Site Facilities

Part-13 Setting Out of the Works

Part-14 Temporary Works and Equipment

Part-15 Temporary Controls

Part-16 Traffic Diversions

Part-17 Project Co-ordination

Part-18 Other Contractors

Part-19 Regulatory Requirements

Part-20 Clearance of the Site

Part-21 Final Inspection and Handover Procedures

Part-22 New Technologies and Innovations

Part-23 Design and Supervision Consultant Quality Requirement

Part-24 Construction Dewatering