Entry Procession

A key brand element that defines the experiential success of a Hotel relies on the designers' ability to create a sequence of spaces that gradually unfolds, transporting our guests to another time or place and ultimately heightening their senses. In doing so, the outside world should be blocked out as much as possible, Once our guests enter the building, reality is suspended so the interior environment that has been created can be fully enjoyed.


The lobby should always be designed to include a calming area for guests that may want to watch the party but not necessarily join in.

A general lobby area of a minimum of 2,500 sf [232 m2] should be provided for general circulation and guest waiting areas, Directly adjacent or within the lobby are to be: the reception desk, concierge desk, retail outlet, public elevators, public restrooms, exterior valet stand, bellman station and secured luggage storage . The overall design of the finishes, fabrics and furnishings will be developed by the selected Interior Designer and be submitted to MHG for review and approval. The lobby should contain adequate seating for waiting guests and a house telephone. No clocks or public trash receptacles are permitted in the guest areas.

Reception Desk

The reception desk should not be the focal point of the lobby, A reception desk of 1 station per 75 rooms and minimum of 2 desk attendants shall be provided within the lobby and shall maintain a direct line of sight to the front door, The reception desk area shall be a minimum of 200 square feet [19 m2] if it is a stand up desk and 400 sf [38 m2] if it is sit down desk area. The reception desk should, wherever possible also have line of sight to the public elevators. The enclosure for computer monitors shall be designed to be minimally obtrusive and allow for eye contact with the guest but at the same time prevent the guest from seeing confidential material that may appear on the screen, Each workstation shall have a lockable drawer for cash banks, adequate task lighting, a computer terminal, keyboard, mouse, telephone, printer, room key printer and credit card authorization equipment.

Adequate workspace and storage is to be provided at each workstation . Copies of the reception desk design drawings and shop drawings are to be submitted to MHG for review and approval. Size determined by number of rooms/check in, Stand up versus seated, Refer to appendix A for typical arrangement.

In addition, a back office workspace of at least 300 sf [28 m2] shall be provided directly adjacent to the reception desk.


Every Hotel shall have a minimum one (1) station concierge desk per 300 keys with a maximum of two (2) stations, Comfortable guest seating for two should be provided at each station. The concierge desk should be a floating concept located within or adjacent to the lobby in such a manner as to be easily identified by guests but also provide some privacy while being utilized by guests, The design on the desk should be unique to the property and the regional location , Found objects or modified works of art are encouraged. The concierge desk shall have adequate lighting, telephone service, laptop computers as monitors, printer and a lockable laptop storage drawer. The placement of the laptop on the desk shall be unobtrusive and shall allow for eye contact with the guest but at the same time prevent the guest from seeing confidential material that may appear on the screen, Every effort should be made to design a desk that eliminates the need for clutter.

Adjacent to the desk should be a cabinet with adequate enclosed lockable storage space for supplies and printed material. Space for a printer should also be provided should the design of the concierge desk not allow.

Retail Component

When provided, the retail component shall be a unique curated concept specific to the region and location. The concept must be reviewed and approved by MHG Brand Marketing. A list of recommended partners is available upon request. When provided the retail space shall be at least 350 square feet [32.5 m2] and located in the lobby area prominently visible from the entry, The retail component will require at least 150 square feet [14 m2] of storage which does not need to be adjacent to the shop but can be remotely located, The gift shop will require a telephone line and a point of sale terminal. MHG Brand & Marketing may require certain items to be included for sale as part of their initiatives.

Public Restrooms

Designed to be a unique guest experience, the public restrooms are to be conveniently located adjacent to the lobby but shall not be prominent. The public restrooms shall meet all local, state and federal requirements. Compliance to accessibility standards shall be addressed in a clever manner and required accessories, grab bars, etc shall not appear utilitarian. The minimum fixture count is to be established by the local codes . A janitors closet with mop sink is to be accessible to the public restrooms so service staff will not need to bring janitorial supplies and equipment through the lobby except at off hours. The flooring material should have a coefficient of friction of .60 or greater. The vanity counter shall be sized to adequately hold the standard amenities. Bathrooms accessories shall be loose and shall not be built-in and shall include paper towel trays, soap dispensers, waste bins, and a storage location for extra toilet paper rolls. All toilets are to have adequate water coverage. If a waste bin is not located adjacent to the exit door, an additional waste bin shall be provided. Special Moment shall be featured in the public restrooms to enhance the guest experience.


Elevators should be provided in a ratio of at least one public elevator per 50 guestrooms and one service elevator per 100 guestrooms. Dedicated service elevators should not be accessible or visible to hotel guests. The guest entrance to the elevators on the ground floor should have direct line of sight from the doormen, concierge or front desk staff for security. Elevators are to have a climb rate adequate to provide reasonably travel time to each floor for the guests. Elevator controls to meet local code requirements and shall comply with local regulations.

A distinctive elevator cab design shall be provided as an opportunity to enhance the guest experience. All cabs shall be wired for musiclvideo capabilities and shall have air conditioning . A sign shall identify the floor with the spa or other significant venues or outlets. Provocative artwork such as video art, lenticular panels and imagery may be installed in the elevator cabs but no advertisements. All artwork shall be submitted to MHG Brand & Marketing department for approval. Brand & Marketing may require specific videos and imagery as part of their initiatives.

Valet Station

Valet parking service is a requirement for Mondrian hotels. Adjacent to the main lobby, a workstation or dedicated area is to be provided for the valet parking staff, their personal items and for the keyboard, which shall not be visible to the guests. The valet station will require two telephone lines, data and a power outlet.

Reasonable shade and/or weather protection should be provided for the valet staff. Refer to appendix A for typical arrangement.

Luggage Storage

A secure luggage storage and bell cart storage room shall be provided with a designated entry, not through the main entrance and adjacent to the service elevators for use by the bellman staff. The door must be covered by CClV. The shape of the room shall be uniform and shall be able to be racked easily. The size of room to be determined by key count. Refer to matrix for BOH minimum requirements. In addition, the bellman staff will require a workstation or podium with a telephone to receive calls requesting service or luggage delivery.

Business Center

As a departure from a typical hotel business center, an open concept lounge-like work area shall be incorporated into Mondrian lobby or public space. Comfortable seating, flexible side tables and adequate lighting for work activities shall be provided. For those traveling with their laptops and other electronic devices, wireless internet and ample power outlets shall be provided. Outlets shall be cleverly built in to the furnishings or conveniently adjacent. For those that require computer access, a single desktop workstation networked to an adjacent printer shall be provided. The dedicated workstation shall have a "home" computer look and feel.

Swimming Pool Area

Dependent on market and location, when swimming pools are provided they should be located, whenever possible, adjacent to the primary bar and be used as overflow bar space in the evenings. The furnishings around the pool need to be adequate for bathing activities during the day and lounge seating during the night, even if this requires some change out of furnishings on a daily basis. Adequate storage must be provided if daily furniture changes are required. The pool area shall be coordinated for strategic placement of speakers, OJ inputs, pool concierge/towel distribution and return, service stations and cabanas. Cabanas shall contain minimum standards such as lV, upholstered seating, tables, storage, etc. The pools are to be lighted and the light sources should not be visible by bar patrons at night. Speakers shall be installed in and around the pool. The pool should have a minimum depth of 3'-6" [1.1 m] and have a strong geometrical shape such as rectangular, square or round. The pool equipment must meet all local state and federal requirements and be efficient to operate and easily accessed for service. Pools should have chlorine free water treatment system.

Rooftops & Terraces

Rooftops and terraces shall be included to provide outdoor options for the gathering of guests. Adjacent means of egress and stairways shall be designed to accommodate a higher occupancy load. Similar to the requirements of the pool area, furnishings shall transition from day-time activities to a night time lounge environment. Adequate storage must be provided if daily furniture changes are required. All outdoor spaces shall be coordinated for strategic placement of lighting, speakers, DJ inputs and service stations/POS.

Fitness Room

As a minimum, an exercise room of at least 1200 sf [112 m2] with a minimum 8'-6" [2.6 m] ceiling height shall be provided. The size of the room will be determined by key count. Refer to the matrix for BOH minimum requirements. Cardio equipment such as stationary bikes and treadmills are to have individual video screens with individual headphones provided . Each exercise room shall contain a lockable restroom with a shower, adequate lighting and proper sound attenuation at floors and walls. The door to the exercise room is to be accessed by a guest's room key for 24-hour access. A counter should be provided for clean towel storage and dispensing. A cooled filtered water dispenser shall be provided in the fitness room, which will require a water line and power. A concealed hamper is to be provided for soiled towels. The flooring material shall have a wet slip coefficient of at least .60 and be treated with anti-microbial treatments if needed. As an additional amenity, current newspapers and magazines shall be offered in the fitness rooms and locker rooms. A fitness center specialist such as Precor, Technogym or Star Trac should be consulted to review layout. Phone and audio system to be provided.

Upon approval by MHG, the fitness room requirement can be eliminated or reduced if a brand approved partnership with a notable nearby fitness center is acquired. The partnership fitness center must be in close proximity. Partnerships may require participation in brand programs such as fitness classes and themed events.

Interior Signage

The Hotel standard is to minimize interior signage as much as possible. The signage must meet the minimum local, state and federal standards but should not exceed the minimum standards unless there is a noted operational benefit. The standard font is Helvetica 45 (Helvetica Neue Light on Mac) and the materials and colors are dependent on the interior design of the property. Guestroom signage must be developed in conjunction with the design of the rooms and corridors and must be installed as part of the mock-up review process. All signage must be submitted to MHG Design and Brand &Marketing departments for approval of fonts, text , locations, material and colors.

Parking Garage or Lot

Parking garages and parking lots are to have adequate lighting, signage and security cameras to provide a safe environment for guests and employees. The parking requirement will be set by the local authority having jurisdiction. If guests access the parking area reasonable seating, trash receptacle and ash urns are to be provided . Parking areas are to be kept clean at all times. Guest experience should be considered for guest accessible areas.

Exterior Facades

Exterior building facades for a Mondrian should be reflective of the local context. A respectful design approach shall be taken with historical architectural details. If balconies occur they should be primarily located overlooking the pool deck, when applicable. A play on scale and proportion is important. The street frontage should provide some visual identity of the property for curb appeal and a sense of arrival.

Porte Cochere & Entry Drive

Dependent on market and location, a two lane wide entry drive should be provided with space to stage 8 vehicles. For urban locations where separate entry drives are not possible a curb side drop off zone of at least four vehicle lengths should be provided. The design of the vehicle drop and arrival experience is an integral component of the Mondrian experience. Specific attention should be given to the architecture, landscaping and traffic flow to enhance the guest experience, curb appeal and visual identification of the property. Protection for both the guests and staff from sun, rain and cold should be provided whenever possible. Adequate work and storage space outside of public view is to be provided for the valet and bell staffs as indicated above.

Exterior Signage

MHG has discrete, understated and minimal exterior signage on its hotels as a standard across brands. The landscaping and building facades need to act as the primary visual identification of the property location. All exterior way finding and required identification signage shall be as subtle as possible, use Mondrian standard Helvetica 45 font (Helvetica Neue Light for Mac) and shall be submitted to MHG Design and Brand & Marketing teams for review and approval. Refer to appendixF.

Landscaping/ Hardscaping

The landscaping of a Mondrian should be indigenous, simple and use strong geometric forms. The main purpose of the landscaping is to screen the property from exterior views, hide unattractive features of the building facade, provide shade for exterior areas and enhance the design identity of the property. The use of concrete as a hardscape should be limited and wood decking or lawn should be used wherever possible. The use of darker green planting materials is generally desired for the elegant contrast that it provides with architecture. An automated irrigation system and adequate lighting, discreetly placed shall be provided for all landscaping. The importance of the landscape component shall not be underestimated therefore a landscape architect/designer shall be consulted.


Food, beverage, nightlife, and public spaces are an integral part of the Mondrian/MHG experience, The appropriate activation of these spaces is crucial to creating an authentic guest experience and connecting with the local market. Our brand is defined by being a premier destination for local tastemakers to socialize and gather, Through the execution of this strategy, Morgans hotels become more attractive for leisure and business travelers. The appropriate food, beverage, and nightlife activation of the property will add to the overall guest experience and be crucial in gaining the desired market share for the hotel to be a financial success, MHG partners with high level professional restaurant operators to deliver a destination restaurant in all Mondrian properties.

MHG's preferred food, beverage, and nightlife operator for all properties is Concept Kitchen, Concept Kitchen must be provided the ability to pitch for potential food and beverage spaces at all MHG properties. If and when our development partner prefers an alternative food and beverage operator, MHG must approve the partner, MHG will analyze prospective partners based on their ability to adhere to brand standards, quality of product, connection to the local market, operational standards, and financial viability.

Preferred Vendor: Concept Kitchen

Concept Kitchen is a subsidiary of MHG dedicated to the creation, branding, launch, and management of market leading food, beverage, and nightlife venues. Concept Kitchen is MHG's incubator with the single mission to craft innovative and vibrant dining and drinking concepts that support our hotel brands and ultimately drive profitability and asset value.

Morgans Hotel Group F&B Core Values

Create outstanding food and beverage experiences that are accomplished yet casual and authentic. We aim to attract local tastemakers , while remaining accessible to hotel guests. We are fanatical about delivering personal service in an exciting environment that is both aspirational and inclusive, with food and drinks that are exceptional.

General Food & Beverage Standards

Marketing and advertising programs and signage must be approved by MHG prior to implementation and must be reflective of the Mondrian brand. All marketing materials, menus, and printed collateral must use specified fonts and reflect a clean, simple, and modern design aesthetic. Examples of collateral styling may be provided upon request.

All food and beverage outlet hours of operation must be appropriate for the market and concept and conform to regulated closing and operating times.

The Hotel must have a designated, secure area for liquor and wine storage. For wine storage, there must be no direct sunlight and the area must be temperature controlled or maintain a constant, average temperature of 55F [12.8C]. All beverages served at Mondrian must be compliant with mandates set forth by MHG corporate.

Primarv Three Meal Restaurant

The primary hotel restaurant must be accessible from the interior of the property, as well as have a street entrance, where applicable per the hotel's design. All operating supplies and equipment (OS & E) used in the establishment are to be approved by MHG prior to installation. Seating capacity will be determined by property size and local market conditions. Outdoor seating is encouraged and shall be provided. A liquor license should be obtained to serve alcoholic beverages outside. Stations for bussing and clearing dishes must be out-of-view or discretely hidden from the guest. The use of approved partitions is accepted as a way to separate the back of house space. Standard table and chair heights are required. Depending on the concept, a mix of tables a communal/share table may be required. Refer to appendix A for host stand and service station requirements. Service bars and holding bar within restaurant, flooring materials, lighting requirements/dimming system, signage, menus, background music system, mobile OJ booth , sound systems and storage shall be provided.

Primary Bar

The primary bar must have at least two stations for bartenders and one service station. Seating capacity will be determined by property size and local market conditions . All operating supplies and equipment (OS & E) used in the establishment are to be approved by MHG prior to installation.

Outdoor seating is encouraged and should be adjacent to the swimming pool whenever possible.

Standard bar table and chair heights are required. Refer to appendix A for host stand and service station requirements. Service bars, flooring materials, lighting requirements/dimming system, signage, menus, background music system, OJ booth, sound systems and storage shall be provided.

Banquet Facilities

A mix of standard boardrooms (12 guests) and general meeting rooms (flexible 13100 guest capacity) should be provided depending on floor space available. Depending upon rooms in the hotel's inventory we want to have adequate rooms to event space ratio. Depending on local market conditions, a ballroom divisible into smaller spaces may be required. If a ballroom is included, adequate additional break out spaces needs to be provided. Flexible air walls when possible allows for more functionality. Outdoor event spaces are encouraged .

Room Service

Room service shall be available and meet MHG brand requirements. In accordance with Mondrian brand standards, room service must be available 24-hours per day, seven days per week. The menu shall feature hot. cold and vegetarian options for all meal periods, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Commercial kitchens adequately designed for the size of the restaurants and amount of banquet space, as well as the specific menus of the food and beverage outlets are to be provided. The specific design of the kitchens, food service support areas will be developed by a kitchen equipment design consultant, specific for each property, in coordination with each MHG and/or restaurant operator.


Entrance/ Reception

When provided, the Spa shall have a separate entrance, not via pool or fitness center, The reception area shall contain retail shelving, retail display and retail storage and shall be lockable if accessible to hotel guests after hours (i,e. glass barn door for guests to still see inside) . The reception desk shall be standing height and large enough for two (2) computer stations. that shall be designed to allow for eye contact with the guest but at the same time prevent the guest from seeing confidential material that may appear on the screen. Each station shall have a lockable drawer for cash banks, adequate task lighting, a computer terminal, keyboard, mouse, telephone, printer and credit card authorization equipment. Adequate workspace and storage is to be provided at each station , There shall be a signage/brand logo at point of entry (in accordance with brand standards). The area should also contain a closet to hold guest's coats , bags or luggage. Regional cultural sensitivity to male/female separation shall be provided. The spa reception desk design drawings and shop drawings are to be submitted to MHG for review and approval.

Treatment Rooms

Each room shall be at least 9X10 [2.75m x 3.0m] (can vary massage vs. facial/waxing). The 6T room (wet room) is to be tiled wall to wall with slanted ceiling to prevent dripping. The number of treatment rooms shall be based on X square foot, X amount of treatment rooms (i.e. per 1000 sq feet [93 m2] = 2,5 treatment rooms). This will be determined based on the local market demand for spa usage, Each treatment room shall have a sink, built in cabinet/shelving or trolley to hold equipment/products, electrical outlets on back wall, side walls and floor, and electrical fittings for 2 ceiling lights (one for task/exam lighting & 1 for decor), Lighting to be adjustable for cleaning purposes (after hours), Each treatment room shall have a sound system and independent volume control and allow for guest IPOD connection, Each room shall have its own lighting dimmers and thermostats, Each room is to have walls separating treatment rooms with a door that fully closes. Windows shall have window treatments with 100% blackout capabilities. There shall be robe hooks, a small table or surface for guest items (locker key, water, etc) and a chair for the guest within each treatment room.

Locker Area / Wet Rooms

There should be separate women's and men's locker rooms. The number of lockers shall be based on 2.5 times the number of treatment rooms (i.e. 10 treatment rooms = 25 lockers total; 15 for women and 10 for men). The lockers should be full height and have digital locks (keyless). Benches or other seating shall be provided in the locker area. A long countertop with large sink and adequate space for products is needed as well as a grooming station with mirrors (area for blow-dryers/holster in cabinetry). Shelving or cabinetry for towel and amenities (cottons swabs, combs , etc) is required. There shall be built in trashcans and robe/towel toss containers. Showers with 3 dispensers for products (2-3 showers for women/1-2 for men) shall be provided as well as a steam room (can be part of showers if dealing with smaller spa i.e. steam showers). A Sauna should also be provided. Adequate hooks for robes and towels shall be provided at the lockers, showers, steam rooms and saunas. Hooks should be located both inside and outside of the showers and sauna and/or steam room. A cabinet for chilled water dispenser may be required. The locker rooms shall have a background music system with local controls. All millwork/joinery details to be approved by MHG.

Lounge Area

A female lounge larger than male lounge (not unisex if possible) shall be provided and accessible via locker area for guests and accessible via hallway for techs to pick-up guests. Small side tables should be provided for water, fruit or flowers. There should be a built in shelf or trolley for buffet set up for refreshment area. A table, console or similar shall be provided for magazine display. Adequate lighting with dimmer controls shall be provided. Background music with a local control and a water feature shall be included in each lounge. Outdoor terrace to be provided, where regionally appropriate .

Back of House

The back of house areas shall contain a manager's office, an employee break room with lockers and a toilet room. There shall be a professional dispensary with cabinets/shelving for products & equipment (tech use to prep) including a telephone and a kitchen (dishwasher, microwave, etc) for spa attendants. POS - schedule look-up station shall be provided, A linen closet with durable shelving shall be provided with access to an elevator for transport, An area with laundry machines (stackable for light on-site washing) shall be included as well as adequate storage for linens,


The number of stations per square footlm2 will need to be determined, The software system provided needs to be interactive with multiple locations in the same area, The locations of telephones, volume controls and security cameras need to be reviewed and approved by MHG relevant agents or owner,


A flooring material needs to be selected that can withstand heavy foot traffic (i.e, off white rubber flooring), The hallways shall be lit with dimmable light fixtures and have a background music system,

Nail Stations

There shall be 2-4 Manicure tables/bars and 2-4 Pedicure stations/benches, An area for nail polish display shall be provided, Cabinets for hot cabbies and towels (not to be displayed) are required, The area shall have a seating area with a magazine rack or display, A pro dispense shall be included (can be shared with salon if applicable),

Salon - Third Party Vendor

The salon shall have a separate waiting area from the spa and shall be located far enough away from the treatment rooms as to prevent noise infiltration, There should be a reception area with telephone There should be a retail display area, hair washing stations with sinks, hair drying stations, hair coloring stations with sinks, and make up stations, A pro-dispense area may be required which can be shared with Nails if required, A VIP room if applicable to the market shall be provided, Adequate storage closets with durable shelving shall be provided,

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