Important consideration;

  • Sustainability
  • Maintainability
  • Trees & Vegetation on PWA's experience
  • Optimize Operation Cost


1. Design / re-design of the parks to ensure a unified design for the parks in terms of furniture, lighting, wayfinding signage, toilets, shading devices, jogging track, cycle path and racks, drinking fountains, play equipment and gym equipment based on design criteria listed below. The existing available design information is included in the Contract documentation for information and may be used as a starting point for the re-design process.

  • There shall be no water features, playground fields and top roof gardens.
  • Use the shading device only on the playground area, in which the trees will shade the seating areas and pathways.
  • Provide a suitable number of kiosks based on the area of the park. The kiosks must be placed on the hardscape area, not on the soft landscape area.
    Park sizeNo. of kiosks
    2,000 m2 - 5,000 m2 1
    5,000 m2 - 9,000 m2 2
    9,000 m2 - 15,000 m2 3
    15,000 m2 or more 4
  • Provide jogging and cycle track taking into consideration the area of the park, that the percentage of the soft landscaping must be more than the hardscaping and the tracks should be a closed loop and connected to the surrounding tracks, if available.
  • Provide toilets for both genders with separated entrances. It is preferred to have the toilets of each gender separated if enough space is available.
  • In order to encourage people to walk, car parking shall be reduced to the minimum taking into consideration the location and the status of the land. However, handicapped parking must be provided.
  • Instead of building a perimeter fence, shrubs hedge shall be used and the type of the plant shall be approved by PWA.
  • There shall be no cafeteria, administration and guardroom buildings.
  • Reconsider the amount and the type of the trees, in which the types shall be approved by PWA.
  • The way finding signs shall be located at various location to facilitate easy navigation through the various facilities of the site
  • Provide walkways and pathways, fitness area, play area categorized and designed to suit two (2) different group ages, 2-5 years old and 6-12 years old.
  • Provide suitable amount of seating area based on the area of the park.
  • Provide soft landscape comprised of different types of gardens, with varieties of grass, shrubs and trees of different heights, shapes and sizes.
  • Provide hardscape, external MEP services, internal MEP services, fire and life safety works, CCTV services
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