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Evacuation Sign

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BS:5499 (4.6 – mounting height), says

a) signs above doors or open spaces should be mounted* between 2 m and 2.5 m from floor level, measured
to the base of the sign and be sited as close to the centre line of the escape route as practicable.

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Limited Access Structures

A limited access structure is, “a structure or portion of a structure lacking emergency access openings”. To qualify as an emergency access opening the window, panel, or similar opening must meet the following criteria:

  • minimum dimensions of 560mm width x 610mm high
  • bottom of opening less than 1120mm AFF
  • unobstructed,

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Panic Hardware

NFPA 101-

Required in;

  • Assembly Occupancy (
  • Day-Care Occupancy (
  • Educational Occupancy (
  • High Hazard room > 5 OL


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Articles from Fire Protection Specialists

Sprinklers in Electrical Rooms

Sprinklers in electrical rooms according to NFPA 13

Sprinkler Characteristics according to NFPA 13

Sprinkler Characteristics According to NFPA 13 - 2019 Edition


Working Space & Dedicated Electrical Space According to NFPA 70 (NEC)


Sprinklers in electrical rooms according to NFPA 13


Fire Department connection according to NFPA 13


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Generator Room Requirements

NFPA Xchange:

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Suite Requirements

An accommodation with two or more contiguous rooms comprising a compartment, with or without doors between such rooms, that provides sleeping, sanitary, work, and storage facilities.” And: “A series of rooms or spaces or a subdivided room separated from the remainder of the building by walls and doors.”

There are different types of suites:

  • Non-patient care suites
  • Patient care non-sleeping suites
  • Patient care sleeping suites
  • Patient care suite


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How Do Fire Sprinklers Know There’s A Fire?

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Fire Fighting Lobby – NFPA 5000 requirements

Image below is an example of Fire Fighting Lobby;

Reference from NFPA 5000;  A minimum of one fire service access elevators shall be sized in accordance with 54.3.2.  Each fire service access elevator lobby shall have direct access to an exit stair enclosure.

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Guidance for selecting Handrails

The Building Regulations 2010 – Approved Document M *Access to and use of buildings” Volume – Buildings other than dewllings” and Approved Document K “Protection from falling, collision and impact”.

Drawings are extract from guidance.

Health Building Note 00-04: Circulation and communication spaces.

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Fire Access Opening

fire access panel requirements from qatar civil defence / qcd / qcdd

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What Happened to Fire Rating of Incidental Storage Rooms?

As many of you are probably familiar with, for years, when designing a building such as an office that has a storage room that is greater than 100 square feet in area, and is identified as “storage,” we needed to provide a 1 hour fire barrier separation around the storage room in non-sprinklered buildings.

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