Fire Fighting Lobby – NFPA 5000 requirements

Image below is an example of Fire Fighting Lobby;

Reference from NFPA 5000;  A minimum of one fire service access elevators shall be sized in accordance with 54.3.2.  Each fire service access elevator lobby shall have direct access to an exit stair enclosure.  The exit stair enclosure shall also have access to the floor without passing through the fire service access elevator lobby.

54.12.3  Standpipe Hose Connection.  Each building exit stair having direct access to the fire service access elevator lobby shall be provided with standpipe hose connection in accordance with Section 55.4.

54.3.2  The elevator car shall be sized and arranged to accommodate a 610-mm x 2130-mm) ambulance stretcher with minimum (125-mm) radius corner in the horizontal open position.

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