FSS 6.2 – Rising Main for Fire Fighting



FSS No. 6.2
Provisions Notes
Type of rising main system shall be provided appropriate to the building as follow: Dry Rising Main Any floor at habitable height beyond 10m and not exceeding 28m above ground level Wet Rising Main For building having a habitable height exceeding 28m above the ground level

Separate dry and wet rising main systems in a building may be permitted by CDD.

Number and distribution of rising main shall be as follow:

  • All parts of any floor not more than 28m above the ground level is within 38m from a landing valve, the distance to be measured along a route suitable for hose lines, including any distance up or down a stairway.
  • One rising main is provided for one or a series of floors higher than 28m above ground, with each rising main serving not more than 930m2 of any floor and subject to all parts of the floor to be within 38m from a landing valve.
Position of rising mains and associated landing valves shall be located in the following order or priority:

  1. Within a smoke-stop lobby
  2. In the common area and within a protected shaft, immediately outside the exit staircase if there is no smoke-stop lobby
  3. Inside exit staircase where smoke-stop lobby and common area are not provided
Minimum nominal bore of rising main shall be:

  • 100mm where the rising main does not exceed 45m in habitable height and only one landing
The inlet to the rising main shall be located:

  1. On an external wall or a boundary of a building and to be within 18m of the adjacent fire appliance access road. Each rising main for residential building shall be fitted within a breeching inlet directly at the foot of the same riser stack.
  2. As close as possible to the rising main they serve with any connecting pipe between thee inlet and the vertical run of the rising main kept to a minimum and given a fall towards the drain valve. The total pressure loss of the dry rising main shall not exceed 6bars based on the design water flow rate. This is correspond with the maximum habitable height of 60m.
  3. In a conspicuous position readily visible and accessible to the fire fighters.
Location of Breeching inlet
The landing valve of the rising main shall be installed between 1m and 1.4m.  
Prepared by: Yeo Swee Khiank Date: 18 February 2008
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