FSS 6.6.3 – Fire Lift



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  1. In any building, in which the habitable height exceeds 28m, or the depth of the basement is more than 9m below the average ground level, there shall be at least one fire lift. Fire lift shall be contained within a separate protected shaft or a common protected shaft containing other lifts subject to such other lifts being served at each storey by the fire fighting lobby. The fire fighting lobby shall be of minimum 1 hour fire resistance rating and pressurised to minimum 10 air changes per hour.


  1. A fire lift shall have access to every habitable floor above or below the designated floor and shall be adjacent and accessible to an exit staircase and be approached by a fire fighting lobby at each storey.


  1. Fire lift shall be provided with an operational feature that would enable firemen to cancel first or earlier call which has been inadvertently made to the fire lift during an emergency. For instance, in a fire emergency when any one of the fire detection devices or fire alarm systems is activated, all the passenger lifts shall be brought to the designated floor (usually ground storey) and park there with the lift landing doors remaining opened.


  1. Fire lift shall also be provided with an operational feature at the ground storey to recall the lift back to the ground floor after fire fighter uses it.


  1. A lift mainly intended for the transport of goods shall not be designated as a fire lift.


  1. The power supply to the lift shall be connected to a sub-main circuit exclusive to the lift and independent of any other main or sub-main circuit. The power cables serving the lift installation shall be routed through an area of negligible fire risk.


  1. The following buildings require the provision of standby generating plant for special emergency operations of fire lift:

(i)            Assembly, business, day-care educational, health care, hotel industrial, mercantile and industrial buildings;

(ii)            Residential buildings;

(iii)            Mixed developments where the passenger lifts serve both the residential and non-residential floors.

Prepared by: Yeo Swee Khiank


06 December 2007
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