What are the classifications of fire fighting systems?

Class 1 systems comprises of 65mm diameter Landing Valve outlets coupled or uncoupled with 65mm diameter, 30-m long re-enforced rubber lined (RRL) hose with multipurpose hose nozzle for the use of Civil Defence department personnel or other trained fire fighting personnel.

Class 2 systems comprises of 25mm diameter bore for Hose Reel System or 40mm diameter bore for Hose Rack System, 30m long dual reinforced rubber hose coupled with 6 or 8 mm bore mutipurpose nozzle, for the use of occupants to extinguish small fires or when the fire is at its incipient stages until the arrival of Civil Defense fire fighters.

Class 3 system is a combination of both Class 1 and Class 2 systems for the use of occupants and as well as Civil Defense use. In general the class 1 system equipments are installed in lower level or compartment and class II system equipments in upper level or compartment od a cabinet. Alternatively, because of the multiple use, class III stand pipe system comprising 65mm diameter landing valve with 65mm x 40mm easily removable adapter and coupled with 40mm fiameter, 30m long fire hose and nozzle maybe permitted as a special cases.

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