What are the requirements for Manual Call points?

Distribution of the manual call points should be such that travel distance should not be more than 45m to reach the nearest manual call point. These figures to be reduced to 25 m and 16 m in limited mobility areas, and where processes of the result in a likelihhod of rapid fire development.

The manual call points shall be installed generally at the height of (1.1 – 1.4)m, above floor level and in plain, accesible, well lit and free hindrance places. Where disable people are expected to operate, height to be lowered to (91cm – 1.2m).

For raised floors 400mm and above the floor level and/or containing combustible materials shall be provided with smoke detectors.

For suspended ceilings which are above 800mm from the ceiling level and/or containing combustible materials, smoke detectors are to be provided.

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