GA_9.0 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
1.0 Legal Mandate:  
1.1 Law No.9 of 2012 Revisions 2012 (13) Law Regulating the Practice of Engineering Profession in the State of Qatar.  
2.0 Application:  
2.1 This Guideline apply only to the following:  
2.1.1 Building constructed prior to the official adoption of NFPA Codes & Qatar Civil Defense Fire Safety Standards (QCD-FSS) and Procedures.  
2.1.2 Building Rehabilitation (Renovation, Addition, Repair, Modification, Reconstruction, Change of Use and/or Occupancy)  
2.1.3 This guideline will not apply to Buildings covered by item 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 that has an area of less than 500 square meters and having habitable height not exceeding 15.0 meters.  
3.0 Objectives  
3.1 The objective of this Guideline is to:  
3.1.1 Reduce the loss of lives and damage to property by quantifying the risk and hazards of the existing building;  
3.1.2 Provide solution of preventive or protective measures to the identified risk and hazards and non-compliances to the prescriptive requirements.  
3.1.3 Maintain or improved the health, safety, and welfare of occupants in existing buildings.  
4.0 Fire Safety Provisions  
4.1 Fire Safety Assessment Report. A Fire and Life Safety Assessment Report must be provided identifying the following:  
4.1.1 The risk and hazards of the existing building  
4.1.2 All the present, existing and/or installed fire safety system & provisions;  
4.1.3 The non-compliances with the latest prescriptive fire safety requirements in QCD-FSS and the NFPA Codes.  
4.2 Equivalent Alternatives. For non-compliance to the prescriptive due to the nature of the existing or rehabilitated building/s an equivalent alternatives will be permitted:  
4.2.1 Performance-Based Option  
4.2.2 Waiver of the prescriptive requirements with provisions for equivalent alternative solutions.  
4.3 Approval of Alternatives  
4.3.1 The Director of the Qatar Civil Defense Fire Prevention Department (QCD-FPD) shall determine whether the proposed alternative methods or solutions are at least equivalent to the prescribe requirements.  
4.3.2 Approved equivalent alternatives will be recognized as being compliance with the prescriptive code requirements.  
4.4 Plan Submissions Plan submissions and preparation procedures:  

QCD standard format for each type of submissions must be followed:

1. BP-Building Plan / Life Safety Plan;
2. FP/FF-Fire Protection - Fire Fighting Plans;
3. FP/FA-Fire Protection Plans - Fire Alarm Plans;

and when applicable,

4. ACMV-Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilations Plans;
5. Gas Plans.
4.4.2 Plans must be updated showing all required fire safety provisions discussed in the Fire Assessment Report.  
4.5 Plan Approvals  
4.5.1 Final Plan approval will be given once all issues including any proposed equivalent alternative has been granted approval by the QCD-FPD Director.  
5.0 Submission And Approvals  
5.1 Procedures in the submission and approvals of Existing Buildings: Plans are required to be submitted through QCD Online Permit System portal with all the related documents as required for a normal Plan Approval application.  
5.2 Any identified non-compliances must be complied according to the prescribe code requirements.  

In cases of non-compliances to the prescribe requirements and where equivalent alternatives are proposed, the following are the required submissions:

1. Application Letter (in Arabic & English Text) addressed to QCD-FPD Director and submitted through the Head, of QCD-FPD Engineering Plans Section
2. Reports, calculations, analysis and other related documents of the proposed equivalent alternatives.
3. Related Plans (A3 sizes) and drawings.
4. And other essential information.
5.3 After the initial submissions through the Permit System portal and if there were identified non-compliances that can be complied according to the prescribe requirements, simultaneously, the Plans can be re-issued for review and any Alternative Solution submitted for evaluation by the Committee on Alternative Solutions and waiver Applications.  
5.4 Upon compliance to all the prescribe code requirements and any proposed equivalent alternative approved by QCD-FPD Director, all Plans, the approved alternative solutions and other related documents shall then be re-issued through the Permit System for final approval.