GUIDELINES ANNEX - GA_3.2 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
0.1 External Cladding Material (ECM) must be tested by an approved 3rd party test laboratory. The manufacturer shall have certified an ISO 9000 compliant QMS. Certifications and QCD Approvals
0.2 ECM that are combustible must be submitted to the QCD for review and approval. Submissions shall include copies of relevant test reports and details on the proposed fixings used to secure the material to the building.  
1.0 ECM fixed to buildings shall be non-combustible and shall be composed of environmentally friendly materials and substances. An example of non-combustible cladding material compliant with this standard is corrugated aluminum core panels. Application
2.0 ECM not complying with 1.0 above must have the following fire propagation and flame spread properties. Compliance

When tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 6:

(i) Fire Propagation index, I no greater than 4.0

(ii) any sub index must not be greater than 2.0, and


When tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 7:

(i) flame spread after 10 minutes must be less than 25 mm

3.0 Alternative test methods and Standards such as AS, BSI and ISO may be used to verify compliance in test reports provided the method of testing is demonstrated to be equivalent and verifies an equal or better fire performance result to those nominated in 2.0 above. Alternative Test Methods
4.0 Details of the ECM's approval and listings, its method of fixing and the extent of usage shall be included in the proposed Building Plans fire safety submission for compliance verification. Details to be included in BP submission