GA_8.2.3 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
1.0 Application  
1.1 A Fire Command Center shall be provided in any High-rise Buildings or buildings that requires any of the following installations:  
1.1.1 Emergency Voice Communication System; and  
1.1.2 Smoke Control System.  
1.2 In other than high-rise Residential Buildings, instead of a dedicated fire rated fire (emergency) command center; lobbies or other spaces adjacent to the main entrance/s may be permitted.  
2.0 Location  
2.1 Fire Command Center shall be located:  
2.1.1 Adjacent to the fire lift lobby at the designated storey of the building (i.e. the lobby of the building on the ground floor or immediately adjacent thereto) and  
2.1.2 With safe access from outside and provided with prominently marked exterior entrances.  
2.1.3 Alternatively at the logical main entrance where the fire response team will report if there is no fire lift in the building.  
3.0 Equipment  
3.1 Fire command centre shall contain control and supervisory equipment/panel in accordance with NFPA 101 and he following:  
3.1.1 Main Fire Alarm Panel (MFAP)  
3.1.2 Emergency voice communication control panel  
3.1.3 Firefighters’ smoke-control station (NFPA 92A)  
4.0 Size  
4.1 Fire Command Center shall be adequately size to house all above-mentioned equipment and a free working space of at least 9m2 minimum area (least dimension 2.5m) with at least with 1m unobstructed clearance from all equipment.  
5.0 Compartment  
  Fire Command Center shall have not less than 2 hours fire resistance separation from other parts of the building  
6.0 Emergency Lighting and Power  
6.1 Fire Command Centre shall be provided with emergency lighting in accordance with NFPA 101 and 70. All lighting and equipment essential for emergency operation in the centre shall also be connected to secondary power supply by fire resistant cables complying with NFPA 70.  
7.0 Ventilation Systems  
7.1 Air-conditioning or Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) where required for the Fire Command Centre shall be provided with secondary power supply and shall have ductwork independent of any other ductwork serving other parts of the building. Any part of the supply duct running outside the Fire Command Centre which it serves shall either be enclosed or constructed to give a fire resistance rating of at least 2-hours. The minimum outdoor air supply in non-air-conditioned Fire Command Centre shall be 6 air-changes per hour.  
8.0 Services  
  Services and equipment not serving the Fire Command Centre shall not pass through the center.