GA_2.1 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
1.0 Applicable Codes  
1.1 Water Supplies quantities shall be determined with the use of the fire code including the QCD Particular Requirements and the NFPA  
2.0 Water supplies shall be secure and dedicated for fire protection use only  
3.0 Tank Construction.  
3.1 Fire Protection water storage tanks shall be constructed of non-combustible materials. They shall be constructed with compartments that allow maintenance without impairment to the system. Each compartment shall be not more than 50%.  
4.0 Tank Capacity.  
4.1 The net effective capacity of the tanks(s) shall be sized to meet the minimum duration of flow for the fire protection systems determined in accordance with the applicable fire codes.  
4.2 The net effective capacity of the water tank shall be verified on the fire protection plans of the fire safety submission. These drawings shall clearly indicate size and allowances for fittings, freeboard, inlet pipe arrangement, overflow pipe, suction pipe and fittings, any allowances and the clear volume of water available for use by the fire protection systems.  
4.3 The effective capacity shall also be clearly indicated on the tank in lettering of a minimum height of 100 mm.  
5.0 Tank Attachments.  
5.1 Each water tank shall have the following minimum attachments:  
5.1.1 Automatic infill such that the tank may be refilled from empty within a time period of 6 hours. In any case it shall not be less than the size of the KHARAMAA supply pipe.  
5.1.2 Visual water level indicator of non-combustible construction.  
5.1.3 Balance valve.  
5.1.4 Drain valve having a minimum size shall be 80mm nominal diameter.  
5.1.5 Suction connections.  
5.1.6 Test return pipe(s).  
5.1.7 Overflow pipe of minimum size, one diameter larger than the inlet pipe.  
5.2 All pipe and other openings into the tank shall be fitted with devices to prevent the ingress of insects.  
6.0 Fire Pumps  

Fire pumps shall be listed for service or approved by an authority acceptable to the Qatar Civil Defence.

Performance curves on which the system curve and duty point shall be submitted together with hydraulic calculations with the fire protection plans fire safety submission.

7.0 Pump Size  
7.1 Fire pumps shall be sized and selected in accordance with the NFPA 20 to meet the single largest system demand.