GA_6.7 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
0.0 Certifications and QCD Approvals  
0.1 Fire pump equipment must be listed and certified by a 3rd party. The certification must be based on a scheme which includes continual surveillance of the manufacturing plant where the fire pumps are manufactured and assembled. Where fire pumps are assembled at a different plant to where they are manufactured then the assembly plant must also be included within the certification and surveillance scheme.  
0.2 Fire pump equipment relied upon for satisfaction of fire safety requirements and regulations must be submitted to the QCD for review and approval. On approval a QCD certificate for the fire pump will be issued to the submitting party.  
1.0 Applications  
1.1 Fire pumps must be provided for all buildings and structures where firefighting systems are required and installed to ensure adequate flows of water at the minimum required pressures are maintained for the duration of the firefighting operations.  
2.0 Installations  
2.1 All fire pumps installations must be designed to operate under the conditions of loss of primary power source and mechanical failure.  
2.2 A fire pump installation comprising a duty electric motor driven pump with a standby diesel engine driven pump is deemed to satisfy this requirement.  
2.3 All fire pump configurations are subject to review and specific approval from the QCD is required.  
3.0 All equipment comprising the fire pump set including but not limited to pump, motor, engine, controller, pressure relief valves, suction valves, discharge valves, check valves, pipe supports and hangar, etc., must be listed for their intended use by a 3rd party certification body acceptable to the QCD.  
3.1 All equipment associated with pump installations must be submitted for QCD approval.  

Current acceptable 3rd party certifiers are:

Underwriters Laboratories, (UL); FM Global; LPCB; VdS.

3.3 Other 3rd party certifiers not listed above may be submitted for consideration. Complete credentials and accreditation in English must be included in any submission for review by the QCD.  
4.0 All fire pumps must be capable of providing at least 150% of the required minimum firefighting water flow at not less than 65% of the minimum pressure required.  
5.0 Flow meter  
5.1 A listed approved flow meter must be provided for each fire pump installation. The flow meter must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and within the listing limitations.  
5.2 The measurable flow range of the meter must be at least 200% of the minimum required flow.  
5.3 The flow meter must be installed such that its indicator/dial/gauge can be easily seen and read without the aid of step ladders, scaffolding or other lifting equipment.  
5.4 The flow meter must be a permanent installation and must not be removed after initial testing and setting into operation of the system.  
6.0 Pump Performance Curves  
6.1 A performance curve showing the pumps delivery flows and pressure together with the system demand curve must be provided for each installation. The intersection must be the design delivery of the pump system.  
7.0 Fire Pump Room  
7.1 Fire pumps must be enclosed in their own dedicated pump room. The fire pumps' room enclosure must have a 2 hour fire resistance rating.  
8.0 Ventilation  
8.1 Where located within a building, a separate and dedicated ventilation system must be provided for the fire pump room.  
8.2 The ventilation system must draw fresh air directly from outside the building.  
8.3 Exhaust fans must be rated for hot gasses at 250ºC for 2 hours.  
8.4 Power supplies for the exhaust fans must be from the Class 1 central emergency generator through fire rated cables having a minimum 2 hour fire resistance rating.  
9.0 Access and Location.  
9.1 Safe direct access from outside the building must be provided for the fire pump room. The location of the fire pump room must be agreed with the QCD at DC1 stage.  
9.2 Fire pump room shall be located where safe and direct access from the building external can be achieved; when in basements, the fire pump room shall be located not lower than one (1) basement depth.