GUIDELINES ANNEX - GA_3.15.1 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
1.0 Intumescent paints are permitted for use on structural steel members of buildings of all types of occupancy with the exception of Factory and Storage Occupancies to achieved the required fire resistance.  
2.0 For buildings with a habitable height of not more than 28m, intumescent paints are allowed to be used to protect steel columns and beams.  
3.0 For building with a habitable height of more than 28m, intumescent paints are permitted for use only on structural steel beams, excluding load transfer beams.  
4.0 Intumescent paints shall be subjected to and pass fire resistance testing as detailed in BS 476: Part 20/21 or its equivalent.  
5.0 Intumescent paints shall also be subjected to weathering tests as detailed in BS 8202: Part 2: 1992. Fire test for fire resistance performance shall be conducted on specimens after the weather tests. The fire resistance rating of the tested specimen shall not be less than 75% of the original prototype.  
6.0 Intumescent paints shall be listed by a QCD approved testing authority.  
7.0 In addition to the performance requirements such as but not limited to, fire resistance and flame spread indices, the use of intumescent paints shall comply with the conditions stated hereunder.  
8.0 The project QP shall submit a separate set of plans indicating the locations of the structural steel members that are proposed to be coated with intumescent paints.  
9.0 If he building’s habitable height exceeds 28m., a fire safety report shall be submitted together with the building plans.  
10.0 A sign depicting the following minimum information shall be fixed at a conspicuous location.  
10.1 Name of the supplier  
10.2 Fire resistance rating  
10.3 Date of painting  
10.4 Next date of re-painting  
10.5 Caution note “Caution: No other paints/coating shall be applied to the surfaces steel members protected by intumescent paint system.”  
11.0 The Fire Safety Manager, if any, shall carry out regular inspection checks to ensure that the intumescent coatings are not damage or tampered with Records of Inspection shall be properly kept. In the situation where the appointment of a FSM is not required, the building management shall undertake the responsibility.  
12.0 For addition and alteration works in a building where structural steel members are protected by intumescent paints, the following shall be complied with.  
12.1 The owner or tenant, assisted by the FSM, shall engage a QP who shall submit building plans to the QCD. The building plans shall be accompanied by the QP’s declaration as o whether the existing columns and beams coated with intumescent paints are or will be affected.  
12.2 Written certifications from the QP stating that he has supervised the application of the coating system(s) shall be provided.  
12.3 The fire safety report shall be updated accordingly.  
13.0 There shall be no flammable or combustible material stored within the vicinity of any structural steel members protected by intumescent paints.