GUIDELINES ANNEX - GA_3.5.2 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
1.0 General. Requirements of the Exterior Walls shall be as follows:  
1.1 Any exterior wall of a building or a separated part of a building shall be:  
1.1.1 Constructed wholly of non-combustible materials apart from any external finishes which complies with Chapter 37 of the latest edition of NFPA 5000 or any internal lining/finishes which complies with chapter 10 of NFPA 5000, and  
1.1.2 So constructed as to attain the fire resistance based on Table and Table of the latest edition of NFPA 5000 whichever is greater.  
1.2 Any beam or column forming part of an exterior wall and any structure carrying an exterior wall which is required to be constructed of non-combustible material, shall comply with the provisions of the above-mentioned sub-clause (1.1).  
2.0 Exceptions.  
2.1 The above-mentioned requirements for non-combustibility of exterior walls shall not apply to the external walls of a building or separated part of a building containing one-and-two family dwelling if that wall is:  
2.1.1 Situated 3m or more from the relevant boundary, and  
2.1.2 Not exceeding 8m in height, and  
2.1.3 Non-load bearing wall.  
2.2 The proposed exterior wall shall be tested I accordance with the latest edition of NFPA 285.  
2.3 The flame spread and smoke development of these exterior walls shall also have Class A rating in accordance with the latest edition of NFPA 255 based on the maximum intended use.  
2.4 Fire retardant-treated wood shall be permitted in exterior non-load bearing wall when such walls are not required to have fire resistance rating.  
2.5 Use of plastics, inclusive of foam plastic insulation, shall be in accordance with Chapter 48 of the latest edition of NFPA 5000.