GA_2.2.13 – Revisions_2015
Item No. Provisions Notes
1.0 Smoke-stop Lobby  
1.1 Entry at every floor level to a smoke proof enclosures (exit staircase) of any building or part of a building with any of the following conditions:  
1.1.1 The building has a habitable height of 28m or higher, above ground level (High-rise).  
1.1.2 The building basement/s is more than nine (9) meters below the average ground level (grade plane).  
1.1.3 Where the smoke proof enclosures (exit staircase) traverses more than five (5) floor levels including basements and belongs to a place of public resort (Assembly & Healthcare Occupancy) regardless of the habitable height or basement depth.  
2.0 Fire Fighting Lobby  

All Fire Lifts shall be provided with a Fire Fighting Lobby. It shall be adjacent and accessible to an exit staircase and provided with a firefighting lobby at each floor level.

The floor shall be graded away from the lift door towards the lobby entrance door with a minimum slope of 1 in 200.

3.0 Purpose  
3.1 Smoke Stop lobbies, including Fire Fighting Lobbies act as buffer spaces for entry into the protected staircases to ensure smoke and toxic gasses do not enter the staircase shaft (smoke proof enclosure) and spread vertically, are used by fire fighters during emergencies and shall be maintained as common property.  
4.0 Enclosures and Openings Protective  

Access to the smoke proof enclosures must be through a lobby that is separated from the adjoining areas of the building by barriers having a 2-hours fire resistance rating.

Door/s opening into the lobby shall be protected with an approved fire door assembly having a minimum of 1-½ fire protection rating and the fire door assembly from the required lobby to the smoke proof enclosure shall have a minimum of 20-minute fire protection rating.

Door leaves shall be designed to minimize air leakage and shall be self-closing devices or shall be automatic-closing by actuation of a smoke detector within 3050mm of the required lobby door opening.

5.0 Lobby Dimensions  
5.1 Smoke-stop lobbies shall have no dimensions smaller than 1.8 meter in clear width.  
5.2 Firefighting Lobby floor area shall not be smaller than 6.0m² and its least side dimension of not less than 2.0 meter clear width.