Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Use and Maintenance of the Site

Part 3 Site Access and Entry onto the Site

Part 4 Protection

Part 5 Interference

Part 6 Project Meetings

Part 7 Submittals

Part 8 Building Demolition

Part 9 Materials

Part 10 Occupational Health and Safety

Part 11 Engineer’s Site Facilities

Part 12 Contractor’s Site Facilities

Part 13 Setting Out of the Works

Part 14 Temporary Works and Equipment

Part 15 Temporary Controls

Part 16 Traffic Diversions

Part 17 Project Co-ordination

Part 18 Other Contractors

Part 19 Regulatory Requirements

Part 20 Clearance of the Site

Part 21 Final Inspection and Handover Procedures

Part 22 New Technologies and Innovations

Part 23 Design and Supervision Consultant Quality Requirement

Part 24 Construction Dewatering