Residential Zones

Environmental Zones

Other Zones

Industrial, Logistics and Large Format Retail Zones

Sport and Recreation Zones


  1. Heritage Overlay
  2. Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Overlay
  3. Coastal Protection Overlay
  4. Commercial Corridors Overlay
  5. Authorized Commercial Nodes Overlay
  6. Workers Accommodation Overlay
  7. Railway Safeguarded Area Overlay


  1. Advertising and Signs Regulations
  2. Car parking Regulations
  3. Construction of Two Villas on one plot of land
  4. Community Facilities Standards & Guidelines
  5. Open Space & Recreational Facilities Development Guidelines
  6. Guidelines for the submission of Master plan Applications
  7. Planning Assessment Guidelines
  8. Classification and Regulation of Malls
  9. Commercial Streets Guidance
  10. Hypermarkets
  11. Private Education Facilities Guidance
  12. Private health Facilities Guidance
  13. Typical Areas (location plan)
  14. Utilities
  15. Interim Coastal Development Guidelines
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