Video monitoring of stairs

New high-rise buildings with an occupant load of 4,000 or more are required to be provided with real-time video monitoring of the stairs (Section 11.8.8). Under this new requirement, video monitoring is to be provided at a level at which the stair doors discharge and shall be arranged to capture people discharging from, entering, or passing through the discharge level. Additional video monitoring equipment is required at intervals not exceeding five stories so that the descent, ascent, and entry landings can be monitored remotely. The video cameras also may be used for video-image smoke detection provided the requirements of NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code are met. Where the video cameras are integrated with the security system, the security system shall comply with NFPA 730: Guide for Premises Security.

It is recognized that installing the video monitoring equipment in the stairs may result in additional penetrations in the exit enclosure. Although related changes were not made to the requirements addressing penetrations of exit enclosures, an existing annex note indicates that penetrations involving wiring serving electrical equipment in the stairways, such as security systems, should be permitted if properly protected (Section A. (10)(b)).