QCD – Sample Fire Alarm Comments

General Requirement:

Submit a front page for the fire alarm plans containing drawing index, system descriptions, design criteria, legends, symbols, general & fire safety notes and material specification.

Provide identification number in the project title which Viva Bahriya Building is submitted in this application. Ensure that the number is consistent in all plans and data submitted.

Title Block:

List applicable codes used in the design of the project shall be indicated with complete editions & date.

Indicate correct plan scale in each drawing pages.

Sheet number and content title must be consistent with the drawing index

Front/Cover Page:

Drawing index with corresponding paper size and scale must be provided clearly and consistent with the drawing index.

Design parameters with complete description of the system shall be properly declared and supported with engineering calculations.

Design parameters may include but not limited to the following:

  • Detector spacing (heat, smoke, beam type) and their applications.
  • Manual call point location and travel distance.
  • Visible signal/strobe minimum lux and locations.
  • Audible signal minimum sound db and locations.
  • Emergency lights minimum lux and their proposed locations.
  • Exits signs lumens and locations.
  • Location of fire alarm panel.
  • Provision for zone charts and mimic panel.
  • Provision for repeater panel and it’s propose location.
  • Interfacing provisions for mechanical equipments, fans pump, etc.
  • Provision for external central alarm monitoring system to QCD.
  • Provision for two-way telephone system (provided or not).
  • Provision for Public Address / Evacuation System (provided or not).
  • Battery capacity (alarm mode & standby mode in hours).
  • Other provision not mentioned above but provided in the plan submission, please clarify.

System Description: Clearly indicate the type of system provided for Fire Detection & Alarm System (Conventional, Addressable); Public Address System; Two-way communication system; signalling system, notification, etc. For emergency and fire safety concern.

General notes specially applicable for the project shall be provided.

Provide only the applicable legends & symbols.

Brief material specification for detectors (heat, smoke, gas), cables, conduits, notification & signalling devices, etc. Shall be provided.

Design parameters/ criteria w/ complete description of the system shall be properly declared supported with engineering calculations.Please specify the use of genset @ground floor. if this serves as emergency power supply ,indicate in the cover page the type & class.

Specify all conduits/cables for fire safety application penetrating true walls and slabs shall be sealed w/ fire retardant material w/ rating of not less than the fire rating wall or slab being penetrated

Provide declaration that single fault on pathway connected to the addressable devices shall not cause the loss of more than 50 addressable devices as per 23.6.1 as per NFPA 72, and system shall have a spare capacity. (Where applicable, and reflect isolations modules on floor on plan to be consistent with schematic diagram).

Please indicate the monitoring of Genset on the input/output matrix.

Site Plan:

Please submit site plan and show means of access to the site and to the perimeter of each building for firefighting vehicle and equipment.

Floor Plans:

Check location of Fire Alarm Control Panel – preferably at Ground level in a manned location (e.g. Fire Command Centre, guard room or reception area). Check provision for repeated panel.

Check requirement for Mimic Panel & Zone Charts. Such devices must be clear from any point in the building. PROVIDE DETAILS.

Check location of pull station at every exit @ max. 30M travel distance from any point in the building.

Provide visible signalling devices in all levels in accordance with NFPA 72.

Check location of upfeed & downfeed risers. Check survivability aspect for addressable system in accordance with NFPA 72.

Location of exit signs, emergency light & directional signs are not properly shown, please check and comply with the requirement from NFPA 101 & 72.

Provide detection devices or smoke alarm in all sleeping rooms to comply with the requirement of NFPA 72 & 101.

Provision for alarm Initiating/notification/indicating devices complete with wiring/conduit and labels to have consistency with the fire alarm schematic diagram.Show the ratings of the audible (dB) & visible (cd) devices (horn/strobe) in common area based from selected occupancy as per chapter 18 of NFPA 72 Edition 2013.

Location of the audible and visible notification devices(installation inside the staircase and at exit doors shall not be permitted-visual impairment hazard).

Fire Pump Room, Fire Water Storage & Generator Room. (as required) Heat detector shall be provided if there is a diesel driven fire pump: fire telephone directly connected to the Fire Command Center or near the Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Provision for alarm initiating/notification/indicating devices complete with wiring/conduit and labels o have consistency with the fire alarm schematic diagram.

interfacing modules shall be shown and identified for mechanical ventilation, firefighting and related emergency service purpose

please show the conduit piping for EVES (Emergency Voice Evacuation System-Speaker)on the plan.

Schematic and Single Line Diagram:

Check for consistency with labels & number devices against plan layout.

Check provision for Central Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS).

Miscellaneous Details:

Provide installation detail of Detector (heat, smoke & gas).

Provide installation detail of Manual Call Point with respect to the distance from nearest exit door and finish floor level.

Provide installation detail of Bell & Strobes with respect floor level.

Provide installation detail of Fire Alarm Control Panel with respect to finish floor level.

Provide detail of Mimic Panel.

Provide conduit-wiring details.


Check detection and Alarm Device provided at the elevator machine room. Comply with NFPA 72 for recall & shutdown of elevator cars.

I/O matrix shall be verified for actual operation for elevator recall & shutdown.

Please ensure that all Fire Alarm accessories and other mechanical equipments that requires monitoring and interfacing (e.g. tamper switches, flow switches, alarm check valves, pressure switches, pressurization fans, smoke extract fans, make-up air fans, Etc) shall be connected to the main Fire Alarm Control Panel in accordance with NFPA 72.

Please provide additional two-way telephone communication system between guard room and in every lift and every exit staircases in accordance with NFPA 72.

Please indicate the Ampere Hour (AH) rating of battery for the main Fire Alarm Control and Repeater Panel. Provide battery calculations to justify the indicated rating (AH) using the standby and alarm mode. The calculations shall be checked and signed by registered engineer.

Please indicate that the only resistance cables shall be used for wiring the system.

Indicate provision of tamper switches in all isolating valves and control valves used for fire protection system as per NFPA 13 & 72. Show in plans and schematic.

Sections and Elevations:

full height of each floor/storey and the depth of void space (raised floor or ceiling void )with respect to the level of exit distance (LED ) Incorporating the necessary fire safety equipment


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