Requirements for small projects

Kahramaa / Baladiya Requirements

following statement shall be indicated on the first or cover sheet:


Civil Defense Requirements

No need for any drawings, just standard following statement shall be given on all architectural drawing:

Owner or contractor must provide the following (when applicable):

a. Smoke Detector (brk) in every hall

b. Following are the requirements for kitchens:

  1. Heat Detectors (brk)
  2. Fire Extinguisher containing powder (4 kg)
  3. Fire Blanket 4 x 6
  4. Exhaust Fans made of steel or plastic (of acceptable standard) in Kitchen and Bathrooms
  5. Fire resistant Doors with proper handles
  6. Gas cylinders shall be provided outside kitchen

c. Following are requirements for Swimming Pool:

  1. Lifebuouy
  2. The floor of the surrounding area of swimming pool shall be non-slip
  3. Fire Extinguisher containing powder (4 kg)

d. Following are requirements for basement:

  1. Smoke detectors, one for every 40 sq.m.
  2. Two fire extinguishers, one containing water and the other containing powder
  3. Exit Sign
  4. Emergency exit other than the main entrance


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