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Exit Remoteness

Explore how protected corridors influence exit access and separation requirements. Learn about measuring exit separation along direct travel paths within corridors. Enhance your understanding of exit design.

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LPG Tank

Discover the safe distance regulations for propane tanks and their connections. Learn about container separation distance requirements for various tank sizes. Ensure legal and secure propane tank placement based on NFPA guidelines.

Travel Distance Limits

Calculate allowable travel distances for different occupancy types in buildings. Learn about travel distance limits for various occupancies, including healthcare, educational, hotels, apartments, and more.

Dead-end Corridor

Explore occupancy types, codes, and required dead-end corridor distances for various building types. Quick reference guide based on NFPA-101 2012 edition. Learn about exceptions and important notes.

Common Path of Travel

Explore occupancy types and their common paths of travel in buildings. Learn about code references, travel distances, and safety regulations. Quick reference guide based on NFPA-101 2012 edition.


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