Occupancy Separation Requirements

Occupancy Type Separation Requirements
Large or small assembly 2 hour
Business 1 hour
Educational 2 hour
Factory-industrial 2 hour
Institutional 2 hour
Mercantile 1 hour
Residential 1 hour
Storage, moderate hazard S1 3 hour
Storage, low hazard S2 2 hour
Automobile parking garages 1 hour
Automobile repair garages 2 hour

The minimum fire resistance of construction separating any two occupancies in a building of mixed occupancy shall be the higher rating required for the occupancies being separated, as specified in Table above;


Accessory Occupancies
Portions of building used as accessory only need not be separated from the principal use.

Storage Areas for Business and Mercantile
Occupancy Separation is not required if any of below applies:
1. The storage area is less than 10 percent of the floor area of the story, and less than 280 sqm.
2. The storage area is provided with an automatic fire extinguishing system, and less than 280 sqm.
3. The storage is less than 93 sqm.

Commercial Kitchens
need not be separated from the restaurant seating they served, provided:
1. The cooking equipment is vented directly to the outdoors; and
2. A draft curtain of noncombustible materials, at least 600mm down from the ceiling, is provided to separate the cooking facilities from the restaurant seating areas, and
3. Sprinkler heads constructed in accordance with the provisions of this code are provided in the kitchen side of the curtain, within 600mm of the curtain opening, and any other openings including doors between the kitchen and seating areas, and spaced not more than 1200mm on center for each opening that is more than 1500 wide.

Refer also to Table and Table of NFPA 101 for more complete listing.

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  • Code Reference used is NFPA-101 2012 edition unless otherwise noted.
  • These information is not complete and intended to be used as quick references only, always refer to NFPA or your local codes for complete information.
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