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Revolving Door

3-4-Wings-Automatic-Revolving-Door Revolving Doors.  Revolving doors, whether used or not used in the means of egress, shall comply with the following:

(1)    Revolving doors shall be capable of being collapsed into a book-fold position, unless they are existing revolving doors approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

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Classification of Hazard of Contents

Hazard of Contents
Hazard of contents of any building or structure shall be classified as one of the following:
Low Hazard
Contents are of such low combustibility that no self-propagating fire therein can occur.
Ordinary Hazard
Contents are likely to burn with moderate rapidity or to give off a considerable volume of smoke.

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Storage Occupancy

An occupancy used primarily for the storage or sheltering of goods, merchandise, products, vehicles, or animals.
Storage occupancies include the following:
· Barns

· Grain elevators
· Bulk oil storage

· Hangars
· Cold storage (for storage only)
· Freight terminals

· Parking structures
· Stables

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Educational Occupancy

An occupancy used for educational purposes through the twelfth grade by six or more persons for four or more hours per day or more than twelve hours per week.
Educational occupancies include the following:
· Academies

· Nursery schools
· Kindergartens

· Schools
Other occupancies associated with educational institutions shall be in accordance with the appropriate parts of this Code.

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Day Care Occupancy

An occupancy in which four or more clients receive care, maintenance, and supervision, by other than their relatives or legal guardians, for less than 24 hours per day.
Day-care occupancies include the following:
· Child day-care occupancies

· Day care homes
· Nursery schools

· Kindergarten classes
· Adult day-care occupancies that are incidental to a except where part of a child day-care occupancy health care occupancy

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Mercantile Occupancy


An occupancy used for the display and sale of merchandise.
Mercantile occupancies include the following:
· Auction rooms
· Shopping centers
· Department stores
· Supermarkets
· Drugstores

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Ambulatory Health Care Occupancy

Ambulatory Health Care

A building or portion thereof used to provide services or treatment simultaneously to four or more patients that provides, on an outpatient basis, one or more of the following:
1) Treatment for patients that renders the patients incapable of taking action for self-preservation under emergency conditions without the assistance of others.

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Health Care Occupancy

Health Care
An occupancy used for purposes of medical or other treatment or care of four or more persons where such occupants are mostly incapable of self-preservation due to age, physical or mental disability or because of security measures not under the occupants’ control.

Health care occupancies include the following:
· Hospitals
· Limited care facilities
· Nursing homes

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Assembly Occupancy

An occupancy (1) used for a gathering of 50 or more persons for deliberation, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement, awaiting transportation, or similar uses; or (2) used as a special amusement building regardless of occupant load.
Assembly occupancies include the following:
· Armories
· Skating rinks
· Exhibition halls
· Colleges and university classrooms 50 persons +
· Places of religious worship
· Assembly halls
· Museums
· Gymnasiums
· Theaters
· Pool rooms
· Passenger stations and terminals of air,

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