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FSS 1.3 – Single Exit Staircase for Residential Apartment or Penthouse

// // With the consideration of small residential apartment or penthouse development facing the constraints of limited land area, Civil Defence…

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FSS 1.5 – Refuge Floor

High-rise building (more than 30 storeys) shall be provided with at least one refuge floor at an interval of not more than 20 storeys. The refuge…

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FSS 2.2.13 – Smoke Free Approach to Exit Staircase

Subject: SMOKE FREE APPROACH TO EXIT STAIRCASE FSS  No: 2.2.13 Item Provisions Notes 1.0 Entry at every…

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FSS 4.1 – External Access To Site And Building

  Item Provision Access Road / Fire Engine Hardstanding 1.0 4m-width fire fighting appliance…

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FSS 6.2 – Rising Main for Fire Fighting

Subject: RISING MAIN FOR FIRE FIGHTING FSS No. 6.2 Provisions Notes Type of rising main system shall be provided…

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FSS 6.6.3 – Fire Lift

Subject: FIRE LIFT FSS  No: 6.6.3       In any building, in which the habitable height exceeds 28m, or the…

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Safety Measures in Qatar

Click the link below.. Safety Measures in…

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_Guidelines for Fire Safety Plans

General Drawings to be submitted through QCD Online Permit System portal must be in AutoCAD DWG file format, purged, bonded and submitted ready…

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