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Draperies and Curtains

Explore building occupancy codes and regulations related to draperies and curtains. Learn about flame-resistant requirements for various occupancy types, referencing NFPA-101 2012 edition. This page provides quick references, but always consult NFPA and local codes for comprehensive information on building safety.

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Number of Means of Exit

Discover the required number of means of exit for different occupancy types in accordance with NFPA 101. Explore the code references and guidelines for ensuring proper building safety and compliance.

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Occupancy Separation Requirements

Explore occupancy separation requirements in building construction, including fire resistance regulations for various occupancies. Learn about storage area exemptions, commercial kitchen guidelines, and references to NFPA 101 for comprehensive information. Stay informed about essential building code standards.

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Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish

Explore the requirements and classifications of interior wall and ceiling finishes based on NFPA 101, 2012 edition. This table outlines occupancy types, code references, and applicable flame spread ratings. Understand the distinctions between Class A, B, and C finishes. Learn how these regulations help control fire spread within buildings. Please note that these quick references are not exhaustive; always refer to NFPA or local codes for comprehensive information.

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