Revolving Door

3-4-Wings-Automatic-Revolving-Door Revolving Doors.  Revolving doors, whether used or not used in the means of egress, shall comply with the following:

(1)    Revolving doors shall be capable of being collapsed into a book-fold position, unless they are existing revolving doors approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

(2)    When revolving doors are collapsed into the book-fold position, the parallel egress paths formed shall provide an aggregate width of 36 in. (915 mm), unless they are approved, existing revolving doors.

(3)    Revolving doors shall not be used within 10 ft (3050 mm) of the foot or the top of stairs or escalators.

(4)    A dispersal area acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction shall be located between
stairs or escalators and the revolving door.

(5)    The revolutions per minute (rpm) of revolving doors shall not exceed the values in

(6)    Each revolving door shall have a conforming side-hinged swinging door in the same wall as the revolving door and within 10 ft (3050 mm) of the revolving door, unless one of the following conditions applies:

(a)    Revolving doors shall be permitted without adjacent swinging doors, as required by, in street floor elevator lobbies, provided that no stairways or doors from other parts of the building discharge through the lobby and the lobby has no occupancy other than as a means of travel between the elevators and street.

(b)    The requirement of shall not apply to existing revolving doors where the number of revolving doors does not exceed the number of swinging doors within 20 ft (6100 mm) of the revolving door.

Table  Revolving Door Maximum

Inside Diameter

Power-Driven Speed Control (rpm)

Manual Speed Control

ft/in.     mm     (rpm)
6 ft 6 in.    1980    11    12
7 ft    2135    10    11
7 ft 6 in.    2285    9    11
8 ft    2440    9    10
8 ft 6 in.    2590    8    9
9 ft    2745    8    9
9 ft 6 in.    2895    7    8
10 ft    3050    7    8  Where permitted in Chapter 12 through Chapter 42, revolving doors shall be permitted as a component in a means of egress, provided that the following criteria are met:

(1)    Revolving doors shall not be given credit for more than 50 percent of the required egress capacity.

(2)    Each revolving door shall not be credited with more than a 50-person capacity or, if of not less than a 9-ft (2745-mm) diameter, a revolving door shall be permitted egress capacity based on the clear opening width provided when collapsed into a book-fold position.

(3)    Revolving doors shall be capable of being collapsed into a book-fold position when a
force not exceeding 130 lbf (580 N) is applied to the wings within 3 in. (75 mm) of the outer edge.  Revolving doors not used as a component of a means of egress shall have a collapsing force not exceeding 180 lbf (800 N).  The requirement of shall not apply to revolving doors, provided that the collapsing force is reduced to a force not to exceed 130 lbf (580 N) under the following conditions:

(1)    Power failure, or removal of power to the device holding the wings in position

(2)    Actuation of the automatic sprinkler system, where such a system is provided

(3)    Actuation of a smoke detection system that is installed to provide coverage in all areas within the building that are within 75 ft (23 m) of the revolving doors

(4)    Actuation of a clearly identified manual control switch in an approved location that reduces the holding force to a force not to exceed 130 lbf (580 N)



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